Bréza Ceramics

Ceramics Care

All ceramics are made with Lead-free and Food Safe glazes. They are made by hand so little imperfections can occur, but that’s what gives them a handmade signature which is unique to every piece.

Most Bréza Ceramics are made from Stoneware clay, while some of them are Earthenware, depending on its purpose, or what colors and effects I want to achieve. Each ceramic piece comes with a note which indicates what type it is, including the care instructions.

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Not recommended for use in a dishwasher, microwave or oven.

Earthenware is fired at lower temperatures, about 1050 – 1100°C. Unlike Stoneware, it’s not vitrified and is slightly porous, which makes it more sensitive. For this reason, functional Earthenware is whole glazed.


Fired at higher temperatures, about 1200-1250°C, the clay becomes vitrified, non-porous and gets a beautiful stone like finish. Stoneware is a more durable, denser material, and is meant for high-quality functional dinnerware.

– Dishwasher

Stoneware ceramics are dishwasher safe, but to keep your handmade piece protected and in good shape, it’s advised to be handled with care and washed by hand using a soft sponge. Wash your ceramic piece right after use, especially if it’s matte glazed or have unglazed parts.

– Microwave

Bréza Ceramics are not tested in microwaves, and therefore I cannot guarantee they are safe to use in a microwave. Some glazes and ceramics decorated in gold, platinum, copper or any other lustre or metallics will cause sparking, which is why they MUST NOT BE USED in a microwave.

– Oven

Avoid thermal shock by not exposing your ceramics to rapid temperature changes. Ceramics will break if you transfer it directly from the fridge into the hot oven, therefore always start in a cold oven and let it get used to the gradual change in temperature.

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If you have any questions about Bréza Ceramics

feel free to contact me by email:

If you have any questions about Bréza Ceramics feel free to contact me by email: