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Bréza Ceramics

Creations unique and crafted by hand, made with a lot of attention and love. Every piece has its own story and is special in every way. Created from a gentle ball of clay, went several times through hands and fire, to its perfectly imperfect form. Simple and profound, sometimes minimal, sometimes full of details, Bréza Ceramics brings a glimpse of refined aesthetics to your everyday life. When you need to take a moment and enjoy the little things like drinking your favourite coffee or tea, Bréza Ceramics is here to make that ritual even more special and personal. Bréza resonates with the wabi sabi concept of living – the art of embracing the imperfect and natural beauty, which leads to understanding and respect for the simplistic and authentic.

All ceramics are made by designer Stela Kovačić in her small home studio, on the pottery wheel or built by hand. Most designs are inspired by nature’s flora and fauna – in its shapes, colors and textures. There was always a strong connection with botanics, and the Birch tree has a special place in Bréza Ceramics.

“To live simply and slowly, to take a moment of presence and enjoy in its temporary beauty.
That’s the feeling I have when I connect with clay.”
— Stela Kovačić —

A little story behind the name:

“In the Croatian language “breza” is a word for “birch”. This tree is connected with me in many ways. It symbolizes a new start, beginnings, and rebirth, the very same process as ceramic creations. As I started a new life intertwined with clay, my bond with the birch tree deepend in a semantic way. In legends, with its bright and spindle-shaped form, the birch tree was often linked to faeries. Also, the birch was a very important tree in Slavic culture. It was a sacred and magical tree, which was set ablaze in bonfires at the beginning of a new year, and later to celebrate the spring on the feast of Jurjevo. Clay, just as a tree, interacts with all four elements – earth, water, air and fire.”

About the author

Stela Kovačić graduated Graphic design at the Faculty of Graphic Arts in Zagreb, Croatia. For several years she worked as a designer and photographer in a renowned design studio. At the end of the year 2016, she attended a pottery workshop and fell in love with clay. In 2019, she finished a ceramic course and opened her own Studio Breza for design and photography, and the brand Bréza Ceramics was created.

“My passion is to create, rethink, devise and to give my best in everything I do.”

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If you have any questions about Bréza Ceramics

feel free to contact me by email:

If you have any questions about Bréza Ceramics feel free to contact me by email: